My life is full of absurdity. Sometimes I cause it. Other times I’m just a witness. I can only guarantee that I’ll be right in the middle of it all wondering how I got there with my trusty co-blogger and dog, Lincoln.

my pictureKerry

I have a secret love of hot dogs. I have a rotten sense of smell. These two things may be related.

I’m a blonde girl from Connecticut, but I can spit rhymes like Jay-Z.

I was born on the same day as Liberace, Tori Spelling and Janet Jackson. I’m a flamboyant Taurus sun, with a Pisces moon and Libra rising.

I’m a recovering vegetarian. Turns out I don’t really like vegetables.

I’m a shoe lover that lived on the same Manhattan street as Carrie Bradshaw. But I love sand and sun too much. That’s why I moved to Los Angeles.

Chocolate is my jam. Sometimes literally.

I truly love to make people smile. Hell, I really want to make you laugh.

linkys pictureLincoln

I’s a wheaten terrier. Not doodle. Yes, I’s sure. You’s can call me Linky.

Mommy wanted assistant she to train, so she gots me as a puppy. I’s think its slave labor. Mommy says, “Shhhhh.”

I’s born in da California. I’s an Irish breed. I loves to do mah runnings at da beach and da Guinness. (Well, da smells. I has to wait til I’s older).

I’s Aquarius sun, Aries moon and Taurus rising. Mommy did mah charts.

I’s a foodie. Beef is the mostest delicious but I’s also eat trash.

I’s a puppy and a gentlemen. See mah bow tie?

I’s don’t email, only pee-mail. Leaves yo message on da nearest tree.