I grew up in Westport, Connecticut, which is about an hour outside of New York City. It is picturesque with a downtown center full of shops lining Main Street and several beaches. The town runs what can best be described as a country club with pools, tennis courts and a sailing school. I’m amazed at how lucky I was to grow up in such a beautiful place.

I flew back to see my family the last week in July. I booked the ticket a week in advance because the rate was so good. In the past, I’ve flown with Linky but I left him in Los Angeles this time. The last time we flew, he had a hard time. He’s never really liked it and given his anxiety, I figured it wouldn’t be a good experience for him. I kept putting off booking the ticket because leaving him made me feel anxious. But, I need to live.

My parents and Mystery picked me up at the airport and we made the 1.5 hour journey home. There may be lots of flights between NYC and LA but it’s getting to and from the plane that makes it so hard.

My mom and I hit the shops and we ate Hibachi at Sakura. And then my mom asked me if I wanted to see the palm tree. I was like, “YAAAASSSSSSSSS!”

Apparently, every tree the town plants in this spot dies do they decided to try a palm tree. Rumor has it they’ll remove it at the end of the season so I’m glad I got to see it. #PalmTreeHugger

When you find a little Cali in Connecticut

I didn’t make a lot of plans to see friends. In fact, I kept the trip a secret. As much as I love to see people, it becomes a bit hectic running around to see everyone and I end up feeling like I short changed myself and everyone else.

I did tell my friend Tricia. She’s been a huge source of support and joy over the past year. I went over to her house and she took me to the best place in the world for breakfast: Nomeez. It has Vietnamese food, breakfast sandwiches and Donut Crazy. I snagged these two (Red Velvet with Oreo swirl and brownie and a S’Mores) for a barbecue at my brother’s house. This spawned me going donut crazy with three additional trips for more over my visit.

I went Donut Crazy. Specifically, 6 times.

Me and my brother’s 8-year old boxer, Winston.

Win and my dad giving me the “Irish Square Jaw.”

The barbecue was fantastic because my brother is awesome in the kitchen. He made burgers the size of my head and it’s one of the best I’ve ever had.

On Sunday, we hit Compo Beach. My nephew, James, built a sand castle compound that rivals any Game of Thrones castle. We each took turns building with him and when my dad got in on it, it got loud. The showman drew in several little girls who asked to play too.

When my dad and my nephew, James, decided to create a sand restaurant that had all the little girls in the vicinity clamoring to play in.

I spent a lot of time with my 13-year old sister, Mystery, who celebrated her birthday also on that Sunday. It’s the first time in nine years that I got to spend it with her.

Mystery, backlit.

On Monday, my mom and I grabbed lunch and at next to the river. Then we visited the Levitt Pavillion.

The Levitt Pavillon is the town concert hall. They’ve had Meatloaf, Kenny Loggins and other past-their-prime luminaries. I made my debut on the stage. On a Monday at 2:23pm with an audience of my mother and two tween girls who were hiding from their mothers.

On my last night, I went for a run at the beach. I got to see the sunset.

Sunset at Compo Beach marina. This is where I grabbed Paul Newman’s leg at the age of two.

On my last day, I did some digging in my childhood closet to find the Gucci wallet my grandmother gave me. I didn’t find it. But I did find other things.

I found this in a drawer. GWTW is my favorite movie of all time.

My childhood crystal collection. I found it in the closet. The funniest part? It’s the same stuff I have now. THE SOUL KNOWS.

And then I ate my last donut. I don’t regret it. But now I’m all about OPERATION PANTS NOT SNUG.

They were so good. But, now, I run.


It’s always good to see family. I love California. It’s a constant struggle to be closer to them while also living my dream. But there’s always a plane and a flight going that way, as long as I leave the house early enough.


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