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When I sold all of my furniture and most of my belongings, I was happy to let it all go. As I’ve been decorating and replacing things I threw out or donated on a frenzy before realizing that I had a much bigger storage unit than I thought, I’ve been seeking the unique and eclectic items from small businesses.

Saint Rita Parlor

I met the guy who makes this perfume and decided to try it even though I’m not a perfume person. So much of it gives me a headache. But this mix of whiskey, tobacco and rose pleased my Irish genes and made me think of my Irish grandmother. Available at Midland Shop and online. Small bottle: $35

Kosas Cosmetics

I’ve written about Kosas before and love their lipstick. The founder recommended a color that I wasn’t sure about. I tried it, left, went home, loved it and promptly went back to the hell crowds of the fair to buy it. The color is Undone and it is everything. All of the colors are great and each lipstick has all natural ingredients and is actually good for you. Available at Ten Over Six, Revolve, GOOP and online. $24.

ANC Alchemy

I fell in love with Marfa, Texas on our road trip. I learned of ANC Alchemy on Instagram. They create teas and bitters for drinks and coffee. They just released a limited edition of coffee bitters and I knew I had to have it. I love coffee and anything to make it taste unique excites me. I knew I’d love it because it’s from Marfa. Available here.


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